June 12 - World Day Against Child Labor


Today is World Day Against Child Labor. There are still thousands of Brazilian children and teens who work all day long, without acesss to education or leisure.

Brazilian law states that children under 14 cannot work. From age 14 on, they can work in formal apprenticeships that guarantee they are in school and in safe occupations. Teens ages 16 and 17 cannot work at night, nor in dangerous occupations.

Let's focus on protecting these children and teens, giving them the opportunity for study and leisure, so they can have a better future!



In the afternoon, we worked on this topic with the CLM kids using a video followed by a conversation about child labor. Social workerTiene and psychologist Altair led the discussion. With guidance from volunteer teacher Wal, the younger kids had made pinwheels, the international symbol of the fight against child labor.

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