Our Structure and Location

Canaan Land Ministries is located in the South Central Region of Paraná, Brazil, on a 128-acre farm, with fields, ponds, and lots of green.

In addition to the team of caregivers, which is made up of four to five couples, we also have a technical team consisting of a psychologist, educational therapist and social worker, as well as administrative staff.


Physical structure

The main building now contains the offices of the administrative and technical teams, space fpr music, parties and social gatherings, and apartments for administrators, missionaries and short-term volunteers and their families, staff who do not live with the CLM children.

CLM historically cared for children in an institutional system and in 2017 formally began to function in a home-based system, with each caregiver family living in a separate house on the CLM property.  There are currently 4 separate houses functioning, each with a capacity for up to 5 children, for a total capacity of 20 children.


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