How it works



Canaan Land Ministries serves 20 children and teens, who are cared for by a team of 9 full-time caregivers (house parents).

The children and teens are sent to CLM by the court system, when it has been established that the child's rights are being violated.

At CLM, the kids are housed in 5 "group homes", similar to foster care, in which a couple is responsible for them, providing assistance in all their needs. At first, the concern is to improve the child's self-esteem, inserting them into the group and activities, guaranteeing their protection and respecting their rights.

The rules and limits of coexistence in the home and in the Institution, the scheduling of activities and distribution of tasks are decided by the caregivers together with the leadership, always with the purpose of awakening in the children a sense of belonging, critical awareness, responsibility, integrating them with others at CLM and with the local community. The first focus of the Institution is the reestablishment of the family bond. Family counseling is designed to prepare families for the return of their children (when possible).

How is CLM maintained?

The institution is largely maintained by the Apostolic Christian Churches in the United States and Canada, which account for approximately 80% of the monthly amount needed to maintain the institution. The remaining 20% comes from specific grant projects of the municipal, state and federal government, as well as donations from individuals and businesses in the community.

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