Opportunities for Those Behind in School


How Does It Work?

In Brazil, there are a few options for students who didn't complete middle or high school at the usual age. They can enroll in an accelerated program that allows them to finish their studies more quickly. Or they can skip straight to taking a test to show they've mastered the content.

The Encceja is a national exam offered each year, usually in August. Exames EJA are organized by the schools that offer the accelerated study programs (EJA or CEEBJA), typically starting in October each year. By passing one of these exams, students can receive a certificate of conclusion, opening doors for employment or higher education.


How This Helps the CLM Youth
These tests are very important for the teens at CLM, since many of them lacked access or encouragement to attend school when they were younger. This year, two CLM teens took the Encceja in August and are waiting for the results to arrive.


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