How does CLM work?


How does CLM work?

There are five homes in our family-based care system. In each house, a caregiver couple is responsible for a small group of children and teens, caring for all their needs.

When a child first arrives, we focus on their protection and improving their self-esteem. We seek to welcome them into the group, family and activities.

The caregivers work with the administration and technical team (social worker and psychologist) to set the rules and boundaries for life in the family group and larger CLM community. They also schedule activities and assign chores within the house or around the farm. These activities help the children and teens feel they are a part of the family, develop responsibility, and interact with others.

CLM’s main focus is to reestablish a relationship between the child and their biological family. We work with families to prepare them to get their children back (when this is possible). When it’s not possible for a child or teen to return home or to an extended family member, they stay at CLM while they await adoption.


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