Children's Day!


Children’s Day is one of the most important days each year at CLM. On this day, we have privilege of showing the children and teens the value they have. We give them the opportunity to reclaim a little of the joy of childhood that they lost due to the difficult situations they experienced.


The day started early with the arrival of an inflatable slide, mechanical bull, trampolines, and ball pool. And the fun began!


In the middle of the morning, we received a visit from members of the Rotary Club, who blessed each kid with a special gift. Thanks to Lilian Waschburger for making this contact with the Rotary Club.


Team members prepared a special lunch of grilled hamburgers. They were delicious with the addition of cheese, tomato, and pickles! Everyone ate their fill!


After lunch, the kids went back to playing, in and out of the water. In the middle of the afternoon, we took a break to give them presents we received from numerous donors. Just afterward, there were ice cream cones for all!


In the late afternoon, four-time world kickboxing champion Celio Rodrigues came to spend some time with the kids. It was a very special day for the CLM kids and team!


Many thanks to all who contributed in some way to make Children’s Day so enjoyable:


Camila – Amor de Bolachas

Divoney de Jesus

Felipe Araújo Dreviski

Isabela Huren Modolan

Pâmela Regina Aurélio

Panificadora Vitória

Premium Beef

RTE Rodonaves Transportes e Encomendas

Sharles Lima

And many others who didn’t leave their names or asked not to be identified

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