Happy Psychologists Day


August 27 is Psychologists Day in Brazil. So, we'd like to share an interview with our psychologist, Altair, so you can understand a little more about his work here at CLM.


Good morning, Altair! Tell us a little bit about your work at CLM.

Good morning! I help supervise the families. I work with the kids' emotional needs, accompany them to psychiatric appointments, work with their return to their families, conflict resolution, and preparing them for adoption. I also work directly with team members.


How do you see the importance of your work for the CLM kids?

There are several aspects. Often, the kids arrive without self-esteem. It's important to work on acceptance, issues with depression, and leading them to want to dream again.

Many times, a child arrives at CLM without this understanding, and we work on it gradually, returning their dreams. We work on their traumas, so they don't think that just because they went through trauma, they have remain hostage to it.

As a psychologist, I'm here to listen to all their pain and anguish and help them understand that the pain isn't their fault, but the consquence of other people's actions.


What's your favorite part of the work here, or what makes you feel most fulfilled?

It's seeing that the children and teens have improved their outlook on life and are learning to dream and to reach their goals.


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