Easter was Different, but Greatly Blessed


The beginning of 2020 has brought many events we never expected. Unfortunately, this meant Easter was very different for everyone.

We know that right now there are things that are more important than donations of chocolate. However, even with all the difficulties everyone is facing, we discovered we can always count on the help of people who made our Easter even sweeter and happier!

We trust in a God who not only supplies what we need, but also cares about giving us what is not essential. So, we first thank Him for taking such good care of us, showing us that we don’t need to worry about anything.

We also thank the people who were used by Him, donating chocolates and cookies. Our friends from the Jorge Bischoff and Americanas stores, along with volunteers Kelly and Camila, joined forces to donate chocolates and delicious decorated cookies. You are special to us!

Many thanks for making our Easter so sweet!

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