The Power of a Father's Presence

Letter written and read by Edilson (18) on Fathers Day


In this time that I have been here, life has offered me a second father, that is, all of you that are part of my life right now at CLM. Have a super happy and beautiful Father’s Day. You know that the bond that unites us is simply amazing.

And that is also why I hope that the path we are on today stays in your memory for all the best reasons. You are always nearby, you know how to help, support, teach, love, embrace, always by our side.

A father is also the person who, even though he doesn’t share the same blood, can multiply himself to share the love. People like you deserve everything good that the world has to offer.

We will never forget that we are always treated as sons and daughters, to love, play, smile, hug, cry together when necessary. We are sad when we hurt you who are always teaching us.

I love you all very much.
Love, Edilson



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