CLM has a new visual identity!


After a few attempts to establish a solid visual identity, we finally found a common denominator when the Hey! Agency of Guarapuava accepted the challenge of developing something that would represent and identify the organization.  According to the agency, Canaan Land Ministries (CLM) is "a place that welcomes, embraces, and transforms.  With this concept in mind we began our search for an element that would visually translate this.  Something that, at the same time, could be immediately and intuitively recognized, thus inspiring people."

For the creators of the new logo, key elements like home and embrace were the starting point for the project.  A home is a safe place, a place of love, as well as being a synonym for family.  The second element, embrace, is one of the greatest expressions of care and affection.  "The result was a striking, modern symbol that sums up what the organization does.  A home that welcomes and embraces, a place of transformation.  For the colors, we chose shades of red, green and blue, colors that transmit optimism, confidence and creativide," said the Hey! Agency.

According to CLM president Anderson Kasnocha, the organization did not yet have a visual identity that truly showed the organization's purpose: to welcome and care for children and teens.  "This new logo meets our needs very well," he explained.  "We need to make the organization known and a strong brand like this is important so that we can be seen and recognized.  We don't need to go very far: Unfortunately CLM is not very well known even in the Guarapuava area, so we believe that with a professionally designed logo like this one, it will be easier to reach more individuals and businesses, since we need partnerships in order to guarantee that CLM's important work can continue," Kasnocha emphasized.

In addition, Kasnocha reports that the organization is in a period of renewal, with more intense professionalization of the team; caregivers dedicated to helping the children dream and make those dreams come true, teaching them how to live; as well as meeting the requirements of the local courts and other legal requirements that apply to organizations like CLM.


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